Working with Dogs Trust in Canterbury … and having the best time!

We have a Dogs Trust Centre local to us here and I popped in to visit last week in the hope of volunteering my time to take photographs of some of the dogs.  It is an inspiring place full of hope and the day that I visited, there was an excited couple in the grounds with Poppy who they were adopting that weekend. They were so full of enthusiasm and delight that they had found a fabulous dog to join their family, it was just lovely to see.

And this week, I was lucky enough to be able to visit and meet just a tiny percentage of the current residents …

Here’s Doogie …

Dogs Trust 006

And here’s the link to his profile: Doogie at Dogs Trust in Canterbury

I also met super handsome and incredibly gentle Aaran …

Dogs Trust 066

And you can find more about him here: Arran’s details Dogs Trust in Canterbury

Gorgeous Chloe, she’s looking for a calm and peaceful home environment in an adult only environment … she’s perky and easily distracted but is just lovely …

Dogs Trust 029

You can find out more details here: Chloe at Canterbury Dogs Trust

I hope to return again and again to give my time to take images which might help find these deserving dogs their new forever homes.  As the proud owner of two Tibetan Terriers, we know how much time needs to be invested in training and looking after dogs but oh, they give so much back that it is worth every single minute.

Here’s the link to the main Dogs Trust website:

I can’t wait to go back …


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